How to Get 360 Waves

 How to Get 360 Waves

360 waves was the rave of the moment towards the end of the 80’s, and with the popularity of hip hop, 360 waves also became a large part of pop culture. Like most styles, it has continued to maintain a status quo among hair enthusiasts and fashion designers alike.

You’ve seen the 360 waves, you like the 360 waves, now the question is, how to get 360 waves?

Below, we have prepared a step by step instructional on how to effectively get 360 waves. Depending on your hair texture, it may take as little as a few weeks or as much as an entire month to achieve your desired results.

Step 1: Keep Your Hair Clean

While this seems pretty straightforward, you’d marvel at the number of people who work tirelessly to obtain the ever-elusive 360 waves with poor hair maintenance culture. Before embarking on your journey towards getting 360 waves, you must effectively keep your hair clean and visit the barber.

Visit your barber to get a nice trim, preferably a 13 inch (0.8 cm) guard, with the grain. Also ensure to visit a professional barber, perhaps, one with some experience with 360 waves.

Step 2: Begin the Process (Apply Products)

After ensuring that you have a clean trimmed hair, you may now proceed to get your hair products. These products are supposed to aid you in your quest for 360 waves. Below are some items that may be helpful:

  • A Du-rag
  • Two or Three sets of hair brushes (varying in toughness)
  • Hair lotion
  • Wave Shampoo and conditioner
  • Pomade

Step 3: Wash Your Hair With the Wave Shampoo and Apply Conditioner.

Wave shampoos are special shampoos specifically used during the process of acquiring waves. However, if you do not have a wave shampoo, you can make use of a regular shampoo, or even an ordinary soap. The idea is simply to keep your hair clean. After washing your hair, it is suggested that you apply your conditioner, especially while your hair is moist.

While there is no tight rule on how frequently you should wash your hair, it is suggested that you wash once anywhere between 4 days to 7 days.

Step 4: Brush, Brush, Brush

 After washing your hair and applying your conditioner, you may now take up your brush and brush your hair from the middle of your head, down to the front, and likewise in all directions. Think about how water flows down a hill.

This step is the most important step in actualizing your aims of a 360 wave. Also remember to apply to your hair lotion and pomade, you may use a hot towel.

This may be attributed to the fact that, 360 waves are more or less stretched out hair lined in a uniform wavy pattern. Hence, how else do you intend to stretch out your hair without brushing it?

Also, remember to apply your hair lotion and pomade while brushing to aid with the styling. When using pomade, you may use a hot towel. This softens your hair and ensures easy assimilation of the pomade into the roots of your hair.

For the best results, it is suggested that you brush your hair for 15 minutes, 4 times daily. This translates to about an hour of brushing every day.

Step 5: Put a Du-Rag On

Ensure to wear the du-rag tight enough but not too tight. The Du-rag must be worn minutes after brushing, and whenever you intend to go to bed. Always wear your Du-rag when going to bed.

Step 6: Keep Your Hair Moist:

By keeping your hair moist, you enable your hair to be more adaptable. This is an important part of the wave process.

Other factors to consider carefully

  • Always ensure to visit your barber for a trim within 2-4 week intervals. This is keep your hair from curling as an after effect of overgrown hair.
  • Also, endeavor to speak to your barber about your goals so that he/she may cut your hair along your brushing trails. i.e. from the middle of your head, down in all directions and not the other way round.

In practice, some waves might take a while to become visible, some others might become visible with little effort as every hair texture varies. Hence, this info may be used as a basic guide with a more generalized approach towards getting 360 waves.

Good luck 😊